Maple Park Elementary School


When I was in Johnstown, PA several years ago, I happened to take a wrong turn and stumbled upon this super interesting building. It clearly had had a catastrophic fire and all that remained was pretty much a shell. I tried to figure out how to go and get a closer look, but I didn’t have a GPS with me and road construction was going on so I couldn’t figure out how to get close.

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Remembering Cinema World in Eastgate Plaza (Greensburg, PA)

Eastgate Cinema World Movie TheaterYou know how you might have taken a picture of something, and then years later are glad you did? I have so many pictures like that, but this one in particular is something I’m so glad I had the forethought to take.

Cinema World (also known as the Eastgate Theater) in Greensburg, PA was one of those places that I have so many childhood memories from. It was one of the first theaters that I was allowed to go to with just my friends (and no parents!).

I actually worked at the theater when we got word that it would be closing. After the theater closed, I remember thinking that it was probably the beginning of the end for that building as there aren’t took many uses for an old movie theater. I went out and took some pictures of the outside of the building, which I am glad I did as less than a year later it was torn down. I just wish that I had taken some pictures of the inside before it closed.

As an interesting side note, I remember the day that the “M” on the marquee fell down. There had been a particularly nasty storm going on and we were all in the front lobby. All of a sudden, there was a crash and the “M” was on the ground!

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Shirey’s Lake View Motor Court in Ligonier PA


I visited Shirey’s Motel in 2001. At the time, all but two of the cabins had been removed. The main motel building was still on the property but wasn’t operational and was for sale. It was really peaceful when I was taking the photographs as it had snowed the day before and all of the snow on the property was undisturbed. Only my footprints were visible.

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